Fleet Street

Топик Флит-Стрит знакомит вас с улицей в лондонском Сити. С 18-го века на Флит-стрит стали появляться офисы основных лондонских газет, а позднее – и информационных агентств. Хотя многие СМИ в последнее время переехали в другие районы, за Флит-стрит прочно закрепилась репутация цитадели британской прессы.

Fleet Street has been the meeting place for newspaper men since the 18th century, when writers met to talk in its coffeehouses. And up to now Fleet Street is the Street of news.

Fleet Street is now the centre of journalists and newspaper men. Offices of most English daily and evening papers are situated in this street.

Fleet Street is the centre of Britain’s national newspapers. The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Express have their offices here, and The Times, The Guardian and many others are nearby.

Publishing houses of many big foreign newspapers are also there. Fleet Street is busy day and night. It is packed with vans, cars, motorcycles, newsboys every day between 9 a. m. and 3 p. m. when the latest news is ready to go out all over the world.

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