Do I need in subculture – Нуждаюсь ли я в субкультуре

In our days young people choose diffirent subcultures. It helps to indentify themselfes. Various subcultures have their own beliefs, value, sestems, fashion and favorite music.

I know some subcultures like EMO, Goths, Skinheads, Bikers, Rockers, Punks, Hippies, Mods. They all have pluses and minuses.

Firstly, some members of subcultures are very agressive to other people, for example, skinheads, rockers, bikers. Other subcultures are agressive to each other. Thats why some people fear them. Secondly, some members of subcultures look untraditionally and I don`t like their styles. Thirdly, subculture changes man, who chooses subculture instand good life, good school knowledge, good relaitions with parents, etc. Theese are bad points.

On the one hand, some sucultures are not agressive and it is good. Also subcultures has made new types of our culture, for example, new genre of music, like EMO did it. What`s more, people find new friends in subculture associations. Theese are good points of supculture.

To crown it all, I want to tell that untraditional young people be always and we should`t try destroy their. As for me, I don`t appose self-expression, but personally I don`t need in subculture.

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Do I need in subculture – Нуждаюсь ли я в субкультуре