Garlic bread – Чесночный хлеб

I know that many people like to eat deliciously. Some of them like meat, while the others prefer vegetables. In fact, how many people are and how many tastes are. I want to tell you about some special thing for me. It is garlic bread.

The first time I tried garlic bread in 2001. I was on holidays in Dubai. And we ordered pizza with garlic bread. It was great. The second time I tried garlic bread at Jennifer’s party. She is one of my best friends. Jennifer cooks amusingly. The third time I tried garlic bread yesterday. I did it on my own. All members of my family loved it so much. You may ask a question: “Why did you prepare garlic bread yesterday?” My mum told me: “You should eat garlic because it is good for your health.” And I was thinking what I could prepare with garlic. Right!!! It was garlic bread. I remembered how Jen cooked it. There are a lot of recipes how to prepare garlic bread but I give my special recipe. You need:

1. white bread which you like

2. garlic

3. olive oil (preferably extra virgin olive oil)

4. cheese which you like or have at home

Cut the bread horizontally. Grate cheese and garlic. Then mix olive oil, garlic and cheese together. Put this pasta on the slices of bread. Wrap the bread in aluminum foil and heat for 15 minutes in the oven. Enjoy it.

After reading my article you may have a desire to prepare garlic bread on your own. And it becomes a small surprise for your family and friends! Have fun!

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Garlic bread – Чесночный хлеб