Forgotten letters – Забытые письма

I have chosen this topic because I like to receive letters written by hand, but unfortunately have forgotten about it …

Letter is one of the oldest methods of transmitting a message. Written by hand, painstaking, precisely derived handwriting. Then, when there were no mobile phones, no internet, and generally not a lot of technology, people wrote letters to each other. Unfortunately, the age of information technology has brought into our lives comfortable and such callous means of communication, that of conventional letters, written by a little clumsy handwriting on scraps of single sheets, all forgotten.

They disappeared somewhere, leaving itself only pleasant memories. But it`s the feelings they expressed most clearly: in the rustle of paper, the smell of the pages in the smiles of letters. The letters speak louder than words. And besides, as they say “paper does not blush.”

Now this is extremely rarely. Awful that there is such that there is no one to write, no time, no reason. Our age is rapidly evolving technologies. So people are now paying less attention to “live communication”.

Everything is nice, but sometimes very much want at least a couple of days to turn off the electricity

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Forgotten letters – Забытые письма