Значение идиомы round robin

[round robin] {n. phr.} 1. Something written, especially a requestor protest that is signed by a group of people. – Often used like anadjective.

The people in our neighborhood are sending a round robinto the Air Force to protest the noise the jet planes make flying overour houses.

2. A letter written by a group of people each writing oneor two paragraphs and then sending the letter to another person, whoadds a paragraph, and so on.

The class sent a round-robin letter toBill in the hospital.

3. A meeting in which each one in a group ofpeople takes part; a talk between various members of a group. – Oftenused like an adjective.

There is a round-robin meeting of expertfishermen on the radio, giving advice on how to catch fish.

4. Acontest or games in which each player or team plays every other playeror team in turn. – Often used like an adjective.

The tournamentwill be a round robin for all the high school teams in the city.

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