My native town (Tomsk)

В топике Мой родной город Томск – я рассказываю о древнем и красивом городе, в котором я родился, и который я очень люблю. Томск – студенческий город, в нем много университетов и институтов, много памятников и ярких цветов. У каждого человека есть родной город и неважно, большой он или маленький.

I live in Tomsk. It is not very large town, but it is nice and very beautiful. Tomsk is also called Siberian Athens, because there are many academic institutions and universities here. Above all, there is a special place, which is called Academic Town. That is why Tomsk is often called a students’ town. In fact, there are 6 universities here and many institutes.

As for sights, there are many monuments in Tomsk. Among them is Lagerniy Sad. It is a monument to the soldiers to have died during the Second World War. In 2004 our city has celebrated its 400th anniversary. Besides, the central street of our town is beautifully decorated with red, white and yellow tulips. It makes our town very beautiful and nice.

In conclusion I’d like to add that there is no place like your home town, no matter what it is.

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My native town (Tomsk)