Exams: my negative experience – Экзамены: мой отрицательный опыт

It`s been more that 2 years since I had my final exams, but the memories of them are disturbingly fresh. Though I was top of the class I can`t say that I didn`t have any problems with my finals. So I`d like to tell you mostly about my negative experience.

My worst exam nightmare was definitely my French oral exam. When I was at school, we weren`t taught how to speak French, we just did loads of grammar exercises and translated texts. So I knew quite a lot of grammar and my written French wasn`t too bad, but I didn`t have any Idea how to have even the most basic comversation. I did quite well on the written papers, but when I came to the oral exam, I couldn`t understand a word the examiner was saying to me. She seemed to be speaking increadibly fast and I just got so nervous I couldn`t think. The examiner was really kind, so she let me go out and have a glass of water. After that I became absolutely calm amd even could lead a simple dialog. At the end of the exam she told me that I had a very good pronunciation. I was so glad to hear that so my mark didn`t really matter to me. But I did get the best mark, obviously!

But that wasn`t the only one worst exam moment. I remember staying up all night ang burning the midnight oil before my maths exam, trying to learn dozens of equations by heart. The next day I refused to talk to everyone before the exam in case they made me forget everything I`d learned. When the teacher finally allowed us to pick up our pens, I immediately wrote down the equations in case I might need them during the exam. And I did, of course.

As you see, exams aren`t an easy thing to overcome. So I stillhave nightmares about the whole experience.

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Exams: my negative experience – Экзамены: мой отрицательный опыт