Famous russian generals – Известные русские генералы

All Russian people know these names, Alexander Suvorov and Michael Kutuzov. They are two famous generals. Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov was born in 1729. He was a noble, honest man, devoted to his country and his people. Suvorov took part in many wars. He had a lot of victories because he knew army life very well.

Suvorov was not a kind general, but he had a kind heart. He loved his soldiers and they loved him. His soldiers were never hungry and his officers took care of the soldiers, though certainly their life was not at all easy. Suvorov taught his soldiers and officers to be brave; he taught them to win in the battles against the enemy. His soldiers were never afraid of the enemy, even when the enemy was very strong.

As for, Michael Kutuzov, he was Suvorov`s pupil. He was born in 1745 in St. Petersburg. His father was an engineer in the Russian army. Little Michael was a kind, clever boy. Their family was very hospitable. Michael had a lot of friends and was an excellent pupil. He was good at maths, and knew many foreign languages. When he became an officer he took part in many battles. He was a brave and honest officer. Kutuzov believed in Russian soldiers. He taught them the art of winning.

When Kutuzov was forty-five years old he became a general. During the war of 1812 Kutuzov fought a lot of battles. He was an old man by then, but he won practically all of them. The famous battle of Borodino was the first Russian victory of that war. After that it took Kutuzov only three months to win the war completely. Napoleon ran away from Russia. Russia again became free and, independent. I think these people are an example to follow.

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Famous russian generals – Известные русские генералы