China – Китай

China is a unique country known in the whole world. It has many characteristics, which single it out from the other countries. First this is the most populated country and because of this reason there is a big number of the Chinese, who move to other countries and settle there. China also belongs to a small number of states governed by the Communists. Its area is more than nine million square kilometers and it is the fourth biggest country on our planet.

The territory of this state is regarded the cradle of our civilization, which appeared on the shores of the third-longest Yellow River located in Asia. Another superior characteristic of China is its most complex and largest economy, and it will not be a surprise for someone that this is the world’s greatest exporter of goods. One more superlative form will be used to describe the army of the state, as being a nuclear weapon country, there is the biggest standing army and the defence budget is rated number two in the whole world. Is not it interesting to know more about China?

China has got an official name and is called the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the capital of it is Beijing. The state is situated in East Asia, is divided into 22 provinces, 2 special self-governing administrative regions and 4 direct-controlled municipalities. It borders 14 countries and has diplomatic relations with more than 170 states. The biggest Chinese cities are Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou and others. China is a socialist communist state with numerous restrictions. The power and authority over the state belong to the General Secretary of the CPC, who is the President of China as well. Due to the decentralization of the political system provinces have a good amount of autonomy. Though there is a great disadvantage in the country with one of the lowest indexes of press freedom. The other fascinating indexes are a rather low unemployment rate, the speed with which almost 50 percent of its population was pulled out of poverty, a strict policy of family planning etc.

The location of China is very pleasant due to a variety of landscapes, diverse flora and fauna. The climate of China differs greatly because of complex topography, but in general it can be characterized as cold and dry in winter and warm and wet in summer. The coastal areas of the East China Sea as well as the Yellow Sea are covered with plains. The north of the country is predominantly covered with grassland. Southern and western territories are mountainous with the tallest Mount Everest, which is located on the border. As a result China is home to the enormous number of different species of animals and plants. But clear-cutting and expanding desserts shrink the habitats of the animals, so the Chinese government has founded more than 1200 reserves in order to protect the species under threat.

The infrastructure of this country is quite developed. More than two thirds of the population is cellphone users, and the Internet users number is also quite big. The transportation of the country is also developing very quickly. New highways, expressways, bridges and tunnels appear annually. Cars, trains and bicycles are the most popular means of transport. The urban mass transit system is the busiest and longest on Earth. The number of the airports is not that big for such a country, but the speed of the construction of the new ones is impressive.

The culture of China is influenced by the history of the country, especially by Confucianism. Local art, architecture, literature, music, fashion are incomparably unique and spark interest of the tourists from different countries. The republic is also the third most visited state by people from abroad and has a developed domestic tourism. The Chinese have their own musical instruments, all facets of arts including fine art, folk and performance art. It is impossible to omit martial arts as Kung Fu is well-known all over the world. Another aspect that attracts thousands of visitors is Chinese cuisine. It unites 8 major cuisines and has its special features: unusual ingredients, herbs, cooking methods. And leaving the country each person tries to buy some legendary Chinese tea, as some examples of it can not only surprise with its taste, but also with its view.

China is much more often called a country with a superpower status and many researches consider it to have the prominent global role. But not everyone definitely knows what a rich country it is, as the population of it is not rather wealthy. Mentioning the name of the country different people will associate it with various things: some of them can remember the abundance of Chinese manufactures, the others will definitely mention Chinese wall, a dragon, Jackie Chan or people with narrow eyes. It completely differs from the developed countries of our world and can be a great example to follow for the developing countries – but what is the core of its success? The unambiguous answer to this question could be interesting for many people, but there are too many variant.

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