Can you throw yourself against the wind – Можешь ли ты броситься наперекор ветру

I was everywhere and wasn`t anywhere as usual. I was walking along all roads and paths, was caressing stray cats, was licking new green leaves. It was spring and I just have shaken off my winter cold, my mood was free, warm and new as those leaves.

But suddenly something broke off my accustomed condition. It was a strange being. It smelled like an animal but it was a man.

Look at this dump! How ridiculous, weak and helpless he was. I decided to give him a lesson. With all my power I threw myself against him, I let him fall down to the wet ground. I have already become a storm butit seemed he didn`t care about that. His knees were in dirty and blood but he had the Aim. Despite his pain he rose and made the first step to reach Her.

I admired him and retreated with respect. I followed him pushing him from time to time. But… he turned and… I lost him. When I recall this man I think can you throw yourself against me?

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