Using the Copier

Tim: Damn it!

Pam: What’s the matter?

Tim: It’s this Copier. My Original didn’t come out of the Feeder and there’s a paper Jam.

Pam: Let me see if I can Clear it. This machine is really Temperamental.

Tim: Tell me about it.

Pam: Okay, I found your original, but it’s Stuck. I’m afraid if I pull too hard, it’ll Tear.

Tim: Let me try. I got it! Okay, I need To shrink the first page and adjust the Contrast so that it’s more readable. Then I need To enlarge the second page. After that, I need to make 20 Collated copies.

Pam: Oh, oh, Don’t look now, but the Toner light is on. You’ll need to put in a new Cartridge.

Tim: Is there anything else that can go wrong with this stupid copier?!

Pam: Don’t Tempt fate. It could be worse. The whole thing could Break down!

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