Using Infographics

Mario: That’s a lot of Text in your proposal. Are you sure people are going To take the time to read all of that?

Cleo: It’s a Complex proposal with a lot of Moving parts. I can’t Simplify it without leaving out Essentials.

Mario: What you need are Infographics. You can Encapsulate and communicate a lot of information by using Visuals.

Cleo: This is a serious business proposal. I want people to take it seriously, and I don’t want them To get distracted by a lot of color pictures.

Mario: That’s precisely why you have to use infographics. Look at these reports and proposals I’ve received in the past year. Everybody is communicating complex sets of information and Statistics in Maps and Graphics. You can even show Hierarchies and networks easily using infographics.

Cleo: I didn’t know it could be done in such a professional way, but I Don’t know the first thing about creating infographics.

Mario: Lucky for you, I know an expert.

Cleo: Who?

Mario: Someone who is enormously talented, but Underappreciated.

Cleo: I don’t think I know anyone like that.

Mario: Hmph!

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