Значение идиомы keep up

[keep up] {v.} 1a. To go on; not stop; continue.

The rain keptup for two days and the roads were flooded.

Compare: KEEP ON. 1b. Togo on with ; continue steadily; never stop.

Mrs. Smithtold John to keep up the good work.

The teacher asked Dick to stopbothering Mary, but he kept it up.

Compare: KEEP AT. 2a. To go at thesame rate as others.

John had to work hard to keep up.

Billywas the youngest boy on the hike, but he kept up with the others.

Compare: CATCH UP, KEEP PACE. Contrast: FALL BEHIND, GET BEHIND.2b. To keep at the same level or rate or in goodcondition.

The shortage of tomatoes kept the prices up.

Grandfather was too poor to keep up his house.

3. To keep informed.- Usually used with “on” or “with”.

Mary is interested in politicsand always keeps up with the news.

Compare: KEEP TRACK.

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Значение идиомы keep up