Trash and Recycling

Rajid: What are you doing?

Nicole: I’m putting my garbage into the Garbage can. Why?

Rajid: Don’t you Recycle? You’re supposed to separate out your Recyclables and put them in a separate Bin.

Nicole: I know, I know, but who has the time? I don’t have that much Trash anyway.

Rajid: Oh, yeah? The Dump is full of food Containers that aren’t Biodegradable from people who didn’t have the time.

Nicole: Come on. Don’t Blow things out of proportion. It’s not like I’m going to save the Environment all by myself.

Rajid: No, you’re not, but if everybody thinks the same way you do, we’re going To use up all of our Natural resources.

Nicole: When did you turn into an Ecologist? I don’t see you Conserving energy. You have your lights on all night. I can see them through your window.

Rajid: I use Energy-efficient bulbs. Besides, I take my recyclables to the Recycling center, I have energy-efficient appliances, and I turn down my Thermostat.

Nicole: I’m just saying that you’re not doing everything you can to save the environment. Okay, okay. Put your money where your mouth is and help me separate out my recyclables.

Rajid: Me? You want me to help you sort through your garbage?

Nicole: Since you’re the expert, I need you to show me how.

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