Saying No

Liang: I have a favor to ask.

Christian: Uh oh, what is it?

Liang: I’m doing a project for my class in Culinary school and I need a volunteer to taste some of my Creations.

Christian: Not on your life.

Liang: But, why?

Christian: You don’t remember the last time I was your Guinea pig? I was sick for two days.

Liang: That was a Stroke of bad luck. Come on, please.

Christian: Count me out. No amount of pleading is going to change my mind. I bet I’m not the first person you’ve asked.

Liang: Well, no.

Christian: Who else has Turned you down?

Liang: Jacob said no.

Christian: I bet he said something stronger than no.

Liang: He said that he would let me cook food for him Over his dead body.

Christian: That’s what I thought. Did you ask Mele, too?

Liang: Yes, and she said she’d Rather not.

Christian: Who’s next on your list of victims, I mean Candidates?

Liang: You’re my Last resort. If you won’t do it, then I’m Sunk.

Christian: The answer is still no, but I know someone who won’t Turn up his nose at your cooking.

Liang: Who?

Christian: Come here, Fido!

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