Book of child’s mind

В топике Книга и разум ребенка я рассказываю, что с раннего детства мне нравилось сочинять разные истории, которые для меня записывала моя бабушка. Став взрослой, я могу применить свои способности и написать настоящую книгу. А вы когда-нибудь задумывались о том, чтобы написать рассказ или роман?

Have you ever think about to compose a story or novel?
My childhood was very bright thanks for my great fantasy. I just took any book even without imagines and think up funny stories in my mind. And I was proud of my ability to “read” real serious literature and later as I learnt to read spelling I decided to remind my talent’s tracks on lists of paper. So I made my granny to write my fairy-tales by my dictation. Since this time my first works appeared in the world. Now I’m adult girl and have all of opportunities to compose something myself. It’s cool.

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