A Widespread Epidemic

Alan: Did you see today’s news? There’s been an Outbreak of Podcaster’s Disease in the city.

Katja: Oh, my God, not Podcaster’s Disease! I would not want To come down with that.

Alan: The first outbreak was at the local high school, and the Health authorities thought it was localized. But a second, more Widespread, outbreak has been reported at the city’s government offices.

Katja: That’s terrible! I thought Podcaster’s Disease was very Rare.

Alan: It is, and that’s why the authorities are so Alarmed. It’s highly Communicable, so they’re hoping it won’t turn into an Epidemic, or worse, a Pandemic.

Katja: I’ve heard that this disease is horrible, but I’m not sure what the Symptoms are. Do you know?

Alan: From what I’ve read, Sufferers of Podcaster’s Disease can’t stop talking and they speak in an Announcer’s voice all the time.

Katja: Oh, my God, what a terrible Fate!

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