Значение идиомы up to

[up to] {prep.} 1. As far, as deep, or as high as.

The water inthe pond was only up to John’s knees.

Mary is small and just comesup to Bill’s chest.

The shovel sank in the soft mud all the way upto the handle.

2. Close to; approaching.

The team did not play upto its best today.

Because of the rain, the number of people atthe party didn’t come up to the number we expected.

3. As high as;not more than; as much or as many as.

Pick any number up to ten.

There were up to eight fire engines at the fire.

4. or [up till] or[up until] – Until; till.

Up to her fourth birthday, the baby sleptin a crib.

Up to now I always thought John was honest.

We wentswimming up till breakfast time.

Up until last summer we alwayswent to the beach for our vacation.

5. Capable of; fit for; equal to;strong or well enough for.

We chose Harry to be captain because wethought he was up to the job.

Mother is sick and not up to goingout to the store.

6. Doing or planning secretly; ready for mischief.

What are you up to with the matches, John?

Mrs. Watson was surethat the boys were up to no good, because they ran when they saw hercoming.

7. Facing as a duty; to be chosen or decided by; dependingon.

It’s up to you to get to school on time.

I don’t care whenyou cut the grass. When you do it is up to you.

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Значение идиомы up to