Значение идиомы on top of

[on top of] {prep}. 1. On the top of; standing or lying on; on.

When the player on the other team dropped the ball, Bill fell on topof it.

That high hill has a tower on top of it.

2. {informal}Very close to.

The elevator was so crowded that everybody was ontop of each other.

I couldn’t find my umbrella and then I realizedI was almost on top of it.

3. {informal} In addition to; along with.

Mrs. Lane had many expenses and on top of everything else, her babybecame ill.

Mary worked at the store all day and on top of thatshe had to baby-sit with her brother.

4. {informal} Managing verywell; in control of.

Although his new job was very complicated, John was on top of it within a few weeks.

No matter what goeswrong, Mary always stays on top of it.

5. Knowing all about; notfalling behind in information about; up-to-date on.

Mary stays ontop of the news by reading newspapers and magazines.

When he wasin California, Mr. Jones kept on top of things in his office bytelephoning every day.

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Значение идиомы on top of