Значение идиомы make good

[make good] {v. phr.} 1. To do what one promised to do; makesomething come true.

Mr. Smith borrowed some money. He promised topay it back on payday. He made good his promise.

Joe made good hisboast to swim across the lake.

John’s mother promised to take himand his friends to the zoo on Saturday. She made good her promise.

Compare: CARRY OUT. 2. To compensate; pay for loss or damage.

Thepoliceman told the boy’s parents that the boy must make good the moneyhe had stolen or go to jail.

– Often used in the phrase “make itgood”.

The radio was broken while it was being delivered so thestore had to make it good and send us a new radio.

Compare: MAKE UP.3. To do good work at one’s job; succeed.

Kate wanted to be anurse. She studied and worked hard in school. Then she got a job inthe hospital and made good as a nurse.

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Значение идиомы make good