Types of Pants

Josh: We are going to get you out of those Baggy sweatpants and into some pants that fit.

Kayla: I don’t like pants that are too Formfitting.

Josh: I’m not suggesting you buy Skintight leggings, but some nice Slacks would be Slimming.

Kayla: I like pants with an Elastic waistband. They’re more comfortable.

Josh: Just try these Khaki chinos. They’re not too tight, they’re made of a Breathable fabric, and they’re comfortable.

Kayla: I’d rather buy a pair of Broken-in jeans.

Josh: You can’t wear jeans to your new job.

Kayla: I know, but these pants are too Constricting. Do you think they sell Dressy sweatpants?

Josh: That is the best example of an Oxymoron I’ve ever heard.

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Types of Pants