Top 12 Insane Stories From “Wrestler’s Court”

Wrestler’s Court is a type of “kangaroo” court that was brought into the WWE by Zeb Colter as a way for two guys to settle any beefs that they may have with each other before things come to blows or get out of hand. It’s meant as a fun way for all the guys to get together and decide what’s right and what’s wrong, and they really went all the way with it too. There was a judge that was usually The Undertaker although Triple H and a few others would sub in if he wasn’t available, a prosecution that generally was JBL although there are quite a few others who filled the role, and a defense that was played by anyone brave enough.

While we all like to think we know everything there is about professional wrestling, things like Wrestler’s Court remind us that there’s an infinite amount of things that go on behind the curtain that we know nothing about. There are checks and balances, there are tiers that people need to adhere to, there are unwritten rules and regulations that every single person who finds themselves backstage needs to get in line with. There are a million different things that went into making the WWE what it is today that most fans have never heard of, with Wrestler’s Court being a prime example.

It’s a fascinating look into the backstage situation that permeates throughout the WWE, although the practice has certainly fallen out of favor recently. Wrestler’s Court served as a great way to keep people in check and keep everyone in line, especially when you have someone like The Undertaker looking over all the proceedings. Whether it’s someone acting bigger than their britches, a wrestler taking liberties with his fame, or something as simple as someone taking the term “diva” a bit too literally. sooner or later almost everyone has their day in court.

12. Spirit Squad Johnny Doesn’t Want To Be In Tag Team

The worst thing that can happen to a rookie trying to make a name for themselves is to be called into Wrestler’s Court, as young Johnny from the Spirit Squad found out the hard way. The story goes that Johnny was not happy about being placed in a tag team to start his career, something which legendary backstage bully and tag team specialist Bradshaw didn’t take very kindly to. Johnny was dragged into Wrestler’s Court over his transgressions where he was found guilty by The Undertaker and was ordered to get beers for Bradshaw as an apology, as well as watch old tapes of tag team wrestling so he could learn to appreciate the art of it.

11. Ivory Called To Defend Women’s Division

In what is probably the most ridiculous reason for anyone to be called into Wrestler’s Court, the entire Women’s Division was put on trial because they lost a shoot dodgeball game to the contestants of the Diva Search at SummerSlam. The women needed someone to stand as their defense attorney against the prosecutor JBL, so they called upon former Women’s Champion Ivory to try and get them out of their situation. Ivory tried to use the defense that the game wasn’t a shoot at all, but a work intended to put over the new generation outside the ring since they hadn’t earned the right to be put over inside it yet, but judge Triple H wasn’t having it, finding the defendants guilty. Ivory got the group out of any punishment by bribing the notoriously snobby Triple H with hotel gift certificates…to the Red Roof Inn.

10. JTG Slept With The Wrong Groupie

JTG was hanging out at the hotel bar during a European Tour when he and his buddy noticed that he was getting that look from a good looking lady across the bar. JTG tried to avoid any trouble by sneaking away back up to his hotel room but got a phone call from another wrestler saying that the special lady from downstairs was on her way up. After the two did their thing, JTG got a phone call from a close friend of his saying that JTG had just slept with his friend’s “favorite” groupie (we never find out which wrestler is telling him this). After tensions built between the two for a while, a Wrestler’s Court was called with nearly everyone, including the McMahons, on hand to witness the trial. The event never occurred however as the case was scheduled for the same day as the Chris Benoit tragedy and was never re scheduled.

9. Matt Striker Holds His Ground

Matt Striker always managed to rub people the wrong way, especially during first impressions. Striker claims that it’s because he gets nervous meeting new people and that he tends to talk too much when he gets nervous, making him seem more off putting and annoying than he really is. When Striker was called into Wrestler’s Court, he got some advice from Shane Helms, with Helms telling him to get some Jack Daniels for The Undertaker, beer for JBL, and cognac for Booker T. Striker never did get those gifts resulting in a phone call from an inebriated JBL early in the morning demanding Matt get downstairs to the hotel lobby immediately. Bradshaw threatened to take Striker outside and beat him senseless but was taken aback when Striker agreed, seemingly ending their beef with that simple act of Striker sticking up for himself.

8. Melina Takes “Diva” Too Literal

It’s pretty much impossible to find anyone that worked with Melina that still has anything kind to say about the former Women’s Champion. She burned bridges backstage with the likes of Candice Michelle, Mickie James, Maria, Lita, and even Trish Stratus. The reasons for Melina being called into court have never really been made clear, but it seems as if it was done just to try and knock her down a few pegs. The entire locker room was called down to the hotel ballroom to attend her hearing, with some of the boys in the back, like Brian Kendrick and Paul London, taking bets about how long it would take for her to cry considering the harsh verbal abuse she was receiving. The winner had around 10 minutes by the way.

7. Hardcore Holly Gets Abandoned

It’s a shame that Hardcore Holly didn’t have a sense of humor about this story because it’s rather hilarious. Mick Foley, being the notorious cheapskate that he is, and Al Snow were trying to talk Holly into sharing a car together to lower the cost for each person on a road trip to Houston, but not before stopping at a local carnival first (obviously). Holly eventually conceded and agreed to drop his rental car off at the airport so Mick could pick him up and they could be on their merry way, but Foley thought they were meeting at the carnival, leaving Holly stranded for hours and making him rent the car again before driving to Houston by his lonesome. Being new to the company, Al Snow was terrified of being taken to Wrestler’s Court so he convinced Foley to “settle” with Holly, paying for the cost of renting a car as well as two full days of travel expenses.

6. Jeff Hardy Takes The Wrong Seat

Fresh off winning their first Tag Titles, The Hardy Boyz and their manager Michael Hayes hopped on a plane to head to the next show. Hayes was celebrating the team’s victory a little too hard and decided that it was a good idea for the trio to take the first three first class seats they could find on the plane, even though they were designated to sit in coach. Turns out that the seat that Jeff Hardy was occupying was Kane’s but fortunately for Hardy, The Big Red Machine didn’t have much of a problem with moving back to coach himself. When word got around about what happened, the boys backstage were furious and a Wrestler’s Court was to be held as soon as possible. The tag champs were found guilty and were forced to prank a hated veteran by sticking toothpicks in the locks of his car along with other juvenile shenanigans.

5. Edge And Christian Buttering Up Creative

Edge and Christian were willing to do whatever it took to make an impact in the company, including putting their bodies and careers on the line in multiple ladder and TLC matches, as well as giving some gifts to the writer in charge of their stories. The second part of that rubbed a lot of the guys the wrong way, especially since it’s in their contracts that they’re not allowed to bestow gifts upon anyone from backstage, according to Hardcore Holly’s book. The gestures of good will, which were science fiction action figures that the writer collected, landed E&C in Wrestler’s Court where they were of course found guilty by The Undertaker. They were sentenced to purchase Jack Daniels for The Undertaker, beer for the APA, and best of all protein powder for Bob Holly.

4. Everyone Hates Hassan

Muhammad Hassan never really got a fair shake in the WWE, both on screen and backstage apparently. Allegedly there were more than a few veterans in the back that were jealous of the super push the 22 year old rookie was getting and were even more upset with the attitude that Hassan carried around with him. He was first called into Wrestler’s Court for no selling Sgt. Slaughter in a match on RAW, which he countered by saying that as a foreign heel he was told to no sell the all american’s offense. It was his second summons that really ruffled some feathers after he allegedly got in Eddie Guerrero’s face for using “his” finisher, the camel clutch, as a wear down move in a match, though Eddie claims his father was the innovator of that move. The bold move by the rookie ended up costing him dearly. as he was sentenced to pay the $4,000 bar tab that the fellow wrestlers racked up later that night.

3. The Miz Ate Chicken In The Wrong Spot

There are no shortage of stories going around about how rough The Miz had it when he first arrived in the land of WWE. As if being brought in from Tough Enough wasn’t bad enough, his stint on The Real World cemented his place as a punching bag for the veterans in the back. They finally got their reason to punish The Miz when he was backstage eating some fried chicken over Chris Benoit’s bags, dropping a few crumbs in by accident. This offense was considered strong enough to kick The Miz out of the dressing room for six months, forcing him to change into his wrestling gear in public restrooms.

2. Teddy Long Is Too Cheap and Sells Viagra

There are two stories going around about why Teddy Long was called into Wrestler’s Court by the APA, the first being that he was so cheap that whenever he rode with Bradshaw and Farooq. he’d look for any possible reason to skip out on paying his share of the gas and would even pretend to be asleep whenever they were coming up on a toll so he could skip out on that too! The second story comes from Teddy himself, saying that he was selling Viagra to some of the wrestler’s in the back and that’s what got him into hot water. No matter the reason Teddy Long was found guilty, even with Mae Young being his defense/character witness, and was forced to pay for a month of chicken and beer for the APA, which considering those two surely, was more expensive than a few tolls.

1. Goldberg Tries To Get Tough

Goldberg and Chris Jericho’s bad blood goes all the way back to their WCW days when Jericho was trying to work an angle against the biggest star in WCW, but Goldberg would only do so if he came out and demolished Jericho in a matter of minutes. Chris would decline that offer before moving onto the WWE and becoming one of the biggest stars the promotion had to offer. After Goldberg followed suit, their rivalry continued with some physical violence thrown in for good measure. While Jericho was out working a match, Goldberg was standing backstage talking trash about Y2J to Kevin Nash which is something Jericho did not take very kindly too. Once he got backstage, the two got into fisticuffs with Jericho taking Goldberg down with a front facelock and holding him down for a few minutes. It was Goldberg, however, that took Jericho to court but Bill didn’t get the verdict he was hoping for. Judge Triple H ruled that Goldberg had no respect and not only had to apologize to Jericho, but had to admit to everyone in attendance that Chris Jericho was a better wrestler than he was. Ouch.

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