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Some of my friends think it’s important to do sports regularly, while others would rather watch a sporting event on TV.
Nowadays people have to work more and they prefer to rest more actively Therefore they need better health, more energy and endurance in order to carry out all activities efficiently and without fatigue. It’s important to be in good shape and to stay healthy and attractive.
To my mind, physical exercises are essential for everyone. If you want to be strong physically and mentally, you can go to a fitness club, a sauna or a swimming pool. Physical exercises strengthen the immune system, improve mental health and help prevent different diseases and obesity. Exercising is also the best remedy for insomnia, depression and stress.
However, a lot of people say they have neither time nor opportunity to go in for sports. What is more, they feel too tired after a hard day’s work. That is why all they can do in the evening is to watch sporting

events on TV. But I think that if you don’t have an opportunity to go to a fitness club, you can just buy a treadmill or a stationary bike and exercise at home. You can also do your morning exercises, jog, swim in summer, ski or skate in winter, play different sports games such as tennis, football, volley-ball, basket-ball and so on. At least you can dance and jump about your room to music for 10-15 minutes each day.
To conclude, if you want to be slim and strong, you must leave your comfortable armchair and exercise. It is not enough to watch other people doing sports. Only regular exercises will help you make your life longer and healthier.

Some parents think that Physical Education is a very important subject to their children. Others think that PE should only be optional at school because not everyone is equally good at sport. There have been a lot of arguments if Physical Education should be on the curriculum in most schools. Some parents consider PE to be a very important subject, while others are convinced that it is up to pupils to choose whether to attend these lessons or not.
I strongly feel that Physical Education is essential for every boy and girl. Not every child has an opportunity to go to a fitness club or a swimming pool because it costs much money. But physical exercises are important because they strengthen the immune system, improve mental health and help prevent

different diseases and obesity. All children and teenagers want to be in good shape and to stay healthy.
On the other hand, quite a lot of children have problems with their health and they can’t attend PE lessons. Some boys and girls feel embarrassed when they can’t do what their classmates can. They can’t run fast, jump high or they don’t play basketball or volley-ball well. What is more, such children often feel upset or even humiliated when they get bad marks. But I think that PE lessons are useful for everybody. To my mind, children who are weaker should do some easy exercises.
In conclusion, I would like to say that Physical Education is an essential part of the school curriculum as well as mathematics, literature or foreign languages. Of course, not everyone is equally good at sport. But not everyone is equally good at other subjects and it is not a good reason to make them optional. Anyway, PE lessons will help children become stronger, healthier and more energetic.

They say, excessive exercises are detrimental to health, but some people don’t share this opinion. In general, sport helps us to be in good shape, to become strong and to stay healthy and attractive. But can excessive exercises ruin your health?
Personally, I think that immoderate training is very harmful. Firstly, a person who exercises too much feels exhausted and depressed. He or she expands too much time and energy on doing sports. Such people feel great pressure and tend to exercise harder and harder trying to achieve better results. They stop taking breaks and lose touch with their own needs. Secondly, sportsmen often suffer different injuries which sometimes can be very serious. It usually takes them much time to recover. Finally, some professional sportsmen take a dope, a drug which serves to improve their performance. Such drugs do much harm to their health and they can even kill.
But in spite of all these dangers, many people go in for sports. Physical exercises strengthen the immune system, improve mental health and help prevent different diseases and burn calories. Exercising is also the best remedy for insomnia and stress. People who exercise regularly are productive, happy, efficient and calm. Exercise re-energizes them, improves their concentration and problem-solving.
To conclude, it is generally well-known now that there are many physical and mental health benefits that can be gained from regular exercise. But don’t forget that exercises are very useful in case they are moderate.

The popularity of extreme sports has grown a lot for the last decades. More and more people are getting involved in this activity. Others are sure that it is silly of such people to risk their lives. Extreme sports are becoming more and more popular. Some people say that they can’t imagine their lives without them. However, others don’t understand what compels some individuals to extreme sports.
In my opinion, extreme sports give one a wonderful opportunity to release stress, to escape everyday monotony and to get his portion of adrenaline. Those people who are involved in extreme activities say it gets the adrenaline pumping and makes them forget about all their problems. Besides, it is always great to take up something new. I believe it’s really very difficult to think about ordinary things when you have to survive and to fight against environmental obstacles and challenges. It makes people feel strong and alive. What is more, it is also an unusual way of losing weight and keeping fit.
But some people think that taking up the extremist lifestyle is crazy as it often involves a high level of danger. They admit that they are afraid of diving from a plane or jumping from a bridge. Indeed, it is not a task for the weak hearted. It requires endurance and reliance on your own survival skills. Extreme activities often involve speed, height and physical exertion. Besides, you will need a certain amount of money to pay for highly specialized gear and a professional instructor.
To sum up, it’s up to you to decide whether to risk your life or not. Some extreme activities are so dangerous that people compare them with virtual suicide. Others say that the experience is magical. But you should always remember that your life and your health are the most important things.

Surfing is becoming more and more popular nowadays. However, some people say that this sport is not for everybody because it is rather risky. Many people admire muscular bronzed young men who ride a surfboard on the crest of a wave as it carries them towards the shore. Some people practice surfing as a recreational activity, while others think that it is the most important thing in their lives.
Personally, I believe that surfing is a source of inspiration for many people. It gives them a wonderful opportunity to display their strength and agility, to release stress, to escape everyday monotony and to get their portion of adrenaline. Surfing is an excellent sport for those who are ready to risk their lives and to take up something new. It will certainly help you become stronger and healthier. Anyone at any age can learn to surf.
However, many people say that surfing is very difficult. Most beginners are not able to catch the wave at all. Surfers should be able to control their board in challenging conditions, to ride challenging waves, and to execute different maneuvers. Besides, the equipment and sportswear for surfing are rather expensive. Moreover, one should not forget that surfing is extremely dangerous. Trapped inside a high wave surfers can become totally disorientated. One of the main dangers of surfing is drowning. Some professional surfers have drowned in extremely challenging conditions. Collisions with sand bars, rocks, reefs or surfboards can sometimes cause injuries and even death. Such animals as sharks or jellyfish can also present a danger.
To sum up, if you have made up your mind to become a surfer, take all pros and cons into consideration first.

Parkour is a sport that is extremely popular with young people. However, traceurs (parkour practitioners) say that it is rather difficult and dangerous. Today parkour has developed throughout the world. It is especially popular with young men who are eager for new experiences. Parkour teaches them to move quickly and efficiently and to overcome obstacles such as concrete walls, high fences, hedges or rocks. But every parkour practitioner must remember that there are a number of dangers that they need to be aware of.
Personally, I think that parkour gives you much energy and helps you develop physical fitness and coordination as well as determination, endurance, agility and courage. You can learn to trust yourself and to be strong. It’s a sport that teaches you to control your body and to move without being hindered by obstacles. To my mind, it is a natural method to develop strength, speed and power. Thanks to parkour, traceurs learn how to surmount both physical and mental obstacles.
However, parkour is a difficult discipline to train. One of its main dangers is falling. Young people usually practice in parks and abandoned structures. Of course they try to avoid injuries, but everything happens. Some reckless people who assume too much about their physical abilities and do not take full account of the risks may be seriously injured. So parkour requires cool-headedness, prudence, good self-control and the ability to be observant.
To conclude, parkour teaches young people to overcome everyday difficulties and to approach problems differently. It pushes the limits of the human body and mind. Parkour also gives you an opportunity to explore the potential offered by your body. I believe parkour can change your life and your attitude to everything.

A lot of people dream of being slim. They follow a diet trying to lose weight. But others say that weight-loss diets can be very harmful. Turning over the pages of glossy fashion magazines we see pictures of beautiful women and handsome men with ideal figures and we want to be like them. In chase of health and beauty a lot of people follow different weight-loss diets. But they often forget how awful the consequences might be.
Personally, I never follow any diets. To my mind, the best way to lose weight is to exercise. Physical exercises help you to be in good shape and to stay healthy and attractive. Running and swift walking help me to burn calories. I often go to a fitness club and a swimming pool. Besides, I try to avoid fast, fried and fatty food.
However, a lot of people are keen on weight-loss diets. Many of them stop eating anything thinking that starvation will lead to the best results. But dieting may have such side effects as fatigue, irritability, depression or fainting and it may result in such eating disorders as anorexia or bulimia. I think that if you want to lose weight and to preserve health, it’s better to begin with smaller portions of food and some substitutions. For example, you can replace a cup of tea and a cake with a glass of juice. Anyway, one should remember that a person needs 2,000 calories a day, but it depends on age, weight, physical activity and other factors.
To conclude, it is great to be slim, but never forget that “health is the best wealth”. All in all, if you want to go on a diet, you’d better consult a doctor or a nutrition expert first.

Some people think that physical attractiveness is important to every person. Others say that it is inner beauty that really matters. People have admired beauty since ancient times. It gives us a sense of pleasure and inspiration, keeps up our spirits and makes us accomplish feats. But there is a kind of beauty that is not observable. It is called inner beauty. So which is more important: a pretty face or a kind heart?
Personally, I believe that inner beauty is much more important than an attractive appearance. People have always valued honesty, kindness, sincerity, devotion and tenderness. In the history of mankind there are a lot of examples when a person fell in love with an absolutely unattractive or even ugly man or woman because of his or her wonderful traits of character. Every child knows the famous story “Beauty and the Beast”. It is about a charming girl who fell in love with a frightening monster because he possessed inner beauty.
However, others believe that physical attractiveness make people happy. A person who has large eyes, a slim figure, long legs, thick hair and regular features is usually admired by everybody. Beauty can help people become successful and even famous. Beautiful people receive more attention, find romantic partners more easily, get better jobs and promotions and even earn more money. Some historical individuals have become icons of beauty, including Cleopatra, Sophie Loren and Marilyn Monroe. But I think that most beautiful people are capricious, light-minded and faithless.
To sum up, both physical attractiveness and inner beauty are important to a person. But I strongly feel that it is better to have a good character than a beautiful face. Anyway, appearances are deceptive.

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular. Some people think that it can help them become happier and more attractive. Others are convinced that there are too many risks which must be taken into account. In modern society personal image and appearance play an important role. Now it is fashionable to be young and attractive. Both men and women are afraid of getting old. That is why they use plastic surgery procedures to conceal the signs of aging.
In my opinion, the possibilities of plastic surgery are huge. It can help you change the shape of your nose, correct sticking-out ears, reduce a double chin and what not. Successful plastic surgery can lead to an increase in self-esteem and confidence. Studies show that beautiful people are considered to be more intelligent, successful and capable. Besides, they often have increased romantic opportunities and it is easier for them to make a career and to find friends. Young and beautiful people are more likely to succeed and they are usually happier and more satisfied with their lives.
However, plastic surgery has its own risks including the body’s rejection of an implant, allergy to anesthesia, post-operation pains, prolonged regeneration and others. Some people have lost their lives and suffered disfigurement and scarring as a result of plastic surgery gone wrong. And even if you feel good after an operation, you may be dissatisfied with results. Surgeons can never guarantee a 100-percent success. That is why I think that plastic surgery should be used only to remove or correct physical defects.
To conclude, it’s important to understand that while plastic surgery has a number of advantages, it will hardly change your life or solve your problems. Think about all the possible risks before making the final decision to have a plastic operation done.

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