Marrying a Gold Digger

Liza: Isn’t Jesse wonderful? I’m so glad you got to meet him last night.

Sinobu: Uh, he’s a little young for you, don’t you think? I know you’ve had Boy toys in the past, but he Takes the cake.

Liza: He’s no boy toy! It’s true that there’s a 30-year Age difference, but who cares about age when you’re talking about love?

Sinobu: Well, he’s certainly Dressed for the part, with all of that Bling. That watch must have Set him back a couple of Grand, at least.

Liza: Oh, that was a little Token of my affection for our one-month anniversary. I just wanted him to know how much I cared about him.

Sinobu: Well, he certainly knows now who Holds the purse strings, if he didn’t before. I only hope he’s not Preying on you.

Liza: How can you say that? I’ve never met anyone more honest or sincere.

Sinobu: He has you Wrapped around his little finger, that’s for sure. I hope, For your sake, he’s not a Gold digger, or that you see his True colors before you make it to The altar – again.

Liza: Oh, I knew it was a mistake talking to you about Jesse. You’re such a Cynic!

Sinobu: And you’re a Hopeless romantic!

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Marrying a Gold Digger