Значение идиомы turn over

[turn over] {v.} 1. To roll, tip, or turn from one side to theother; overturn; upset.

He’s going to turn over the page.

Thebike hit a rock and turned over.

2, To think about carefully; toconsider.

He turned the problem over in his mind for three daysbefore he did anything about it.

3. To give to someone for use orcare.

I turned my library books over to the librarian.

Mrs. Jackson brought her boy to the school and turned him over to thehousefather.

Bob turns over most of the money he earns to hismother.

4. Of an engine or motor; to start.

The battery is deadand the motor won’t turn over.

5a. To buy and then sell to customers.

The store turned over $5,000 worth of skiing equipment in January.

5b. To be bought in large enough amounts; sell.

In a shoe store, shoes of medium width turn over quickly, because many people wear thatsize, but a pair of narrow shoes may not be sold for years.

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