Значение идиомы out of bounds

[out of bounds] {adv.} or {adj. phr.} 1. Outside of the boundarylines in a game; not on or inside the playing field.

Bill thoughthe had scored a touchdown, but he had stepped out of bounds before hereached the goal line.

2. Outside of a circumscribed area for acertain kind of work, such as construction or military site.

Theprincipal told the students that the new gymnasium being built on theschool grounds was out of bounds.

The captain’s cabin is out ofbounds to the passengers on the ship.

Contrast: WITHIN BOUNDS. 3.Outside of safe or proper limits; not doing what is proper; breakingthe rules of good behavior.

John was out of bounds when he calledTom a liar in the meeting.

His request for a 25% salary raise wastotally out of bounds.

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