Mass brawl in Tunbridge Wells over the last bag of nuts

Nothing much usually happens in workings men’s clubs. The odd raised voice over a game of dominoes, perhaps. Maybe a shout of glee at a bull check-out at darts.

That is until the last packet of dry roasted peanuts is up for grabs. Then, things can get a bit, erm, tasty.

A heated row between two men over the bag boiled over into a street fight involving 50 people, saw dozens of police officers called to the scene and resulted in at least six brawlers sprayed in the face with CS gas.

The High Brooms Working Men’s Club in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, was packed with more than 100 people when the fight broke out.

€˜One minute everyone was a having a great time chatting away about this and that and then two guys started arguing at the bar over a bag of dry roasted nuts, ’ said eye-witness Charles Greenway, 47.

€˜They were telling the barman that they wanted the last bag and eventually one just lamped the other and it all kicked off with half the club punching and kicking each other.

€˜It was a sad end to the night, I can tell you, ’ said Mr Greenway. The fight spilled out into the street, prompting dozens of neighbours of the club to call police.

Police confirmed about 50 people were involved in the brawl which broke out at 11.30pm last Friday.

Seven men, aged between 18 and 49, were arrested on suspicion of committing public order offences. Five have been bailed and two have been issued with fixed penalty notices.

A spokeswoman said: ‘€˜Officers used incapacitant spray when making the arrests in order to subdue those believed to be involved.’

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Mass brawl in Tunbridge Wells over the last bag of nuts