At the Butcher’s

Butcher: What can I get for you?

Gina: I’d like a pound of Ground beef, please.

Butcher: Would you like the regular or the extra Lean? The extra lean is a dollar more per pound.

Gina: I’ll take the regular. Could you also Throw in two thick Pork chops and two Chicken breasts?

Butcher: I’m sorry, but we’re out of chicken breasts right now, but we have some Thighs.

Gina: Hmm…In that case, I’ll just take some Ham. I’d like that thinly Sliced.

Butcher: Okay, is there anything else?

Gina: Yes, I’d like some other Cold cuts, but I’m not sure which ones. Why don’t you give me half a pound of Salami and a pound of Bologna?

Butcher: No problem. Will that be all?

Gina: No, I’d like two Steaks. Do you have any that are very, very Tender? The ones I bought last week were really Tough.

Butcher: We have T-bone, rib eye, and Sirloin steaks. The rib eye is probably the most tender.

Gina: I’ll take two of those.

Butcher: Okay, anything else?

Gina: No, I think that’s all…for now.

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At the Butcher’s