• Значение идиомы in one’s hair

    [in one’s hair] {adj. phr.}, {informal} Bothering you again andagain; always annoying. Johnny got in Father’s hair when he wastrying to read the paper by running and shouting. The grown-upssent...

  • Значение идиомы bingo card

    [bingo card] {n.}, {slang} A response card, bound into a periodical, containing numbers keyed to editorial or advertising matter, giving the reader the opportunity to send for further information by...

  • Значение идиомы glad rags

    [glad rags] {n.}, {slang} Clothes worn to parties or on specialoccasions; best clothes. Mrs. Owens put on her glad rags for theparty. Compare: BEST BIB AND TUCKER.

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