• Значение идиомы jump bail

    [jump bail] or [skip bail] {v. phr.}, {informal} To run away andfail to come to trial, and so to give up a certain amount of moneyalready given to a court...

  • Значение идиомы flip-flop

    [flip-flop ] {v.}, {informal} To alternate the positions of;exchange the places of; switch. The football coach had one play inwhich he flip-flopped his left halfback and fullback.

  • Значение идиомы up-to-date

    [up-to-date] {adj.} Modern; contemporary; the latest that technologycan offer. “I want an up-to-date dictionary of American idioms,”Mr. Lee said, “that has all the latest Americanisms in it.” Contrast:STATE-OF-THE-ART.

  • Значение идиомы spit

    [spit] or [piss into the wedding cake] {v. phr.}, {vulgar},{avoidable} To spoil someone’s pleasure or celebration by doing orsaying something harsh or unseemly in an otherwise happy gathering;bring up depressing...

  • Значение идиомы pinch-hit

    [pinch-hit] {v.} 1. To substitute for another player at bat in abaseball game. Smith was sent in to pinch-hit for Jones. 2.{informal} To act for a while, or in an...

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