Значение идиомы put out

[put out] {v.} 1. To make a flame or light stop burning;extinguish; turn off.

Please put the light out when you leave theroom.

The firemen put out the blaze.

2. To prepare for thepublic; produce; make.

For years he had put out a weeklynewspaper.

It is a small restaurant, which puts out an excellentdinner.

3. To invest or loan money.

He put out all his spare moneyat 4 percent or better.

4. To make angry; irritate; annoy.

It putsthe teacher out to be lied to.

Father was put out when Janespilled grape juice on his new suit.

5. {informal} To causeinconvenience to; bother.

He put himself out to make thingspleasant for us.

Will it put you out if I borrow your pen?

Compare: GO OUT OF ONE’S WAY. 6. To retire from play in baseball.

The runner was put out at first base.

7. To go from shore; leave.

A Coast Guard boat put out through the waves.

8. {vulgar},{avoidable} Said of women easy and ready to engage in sexualintercourse.

It is rumored that Hermione gets her promotions asfast as she does because she puts out.

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