Значение идиомы open up

[open up] {v.} 1. To show for the first time; make clear; reveal.

The story of Helen Keller’s life opened up a whole new world toMary.

Einstein’s theories opened up a whole new area for study.

2. To make available; present an opportunity; offer.

The buildingof the railroad opened up new lands to the pioneers.

John openedup a whole new section of the Scrabble board.

3. {informal} To gofaster.

When they got out on the highway John opened up and droveat 65 miles per hour.

4. {informal} To begin to shoot.

When theygot close to the enemy lines, they opened up with all they had.

5.{informal} To begin to talk frankly.

After John learned to trustMr. Jones, he opened up and told him how he felt.

6. To spread out.

After a while the road opened up and they traveled more quickly.

7.To become available.

When she got her college diploma, many newjobs opened up.

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