Using the Restroom

Denzel: Excuse me, where is the Restroom?

Server: It’s down the hall, on your left.

Denzel: Thanks.

When I got into the bathroom, it was a Mess. I walked into a Stall and there was Toilet paper all over the floor. There were no Toilet seat covers and the Toilet wouldn’t Flush. Even the Toilet seat was broken!

I Gave up on the stall and decided to use a Urinal. I went to wash my hands, but there was no Soap in the Dispenser. I kept hitting the Pump, but nothing came out.

When I turned on the Faucet, water Splashed all over my pants. I looked for some Paper towels to dry myself, but they were Out. I tried using one of the Hand dryers, but that was broken, too.

I couldn’t believe what a mess this bathroom was. I just thought, what happened here? World War III?

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