A Boating Accident

Liset: I should never have gotten on this Boat. We’re going to sink. I know it!

Mark: Calm down. The water is a little Rough today, but there’s nothing to worry about. You have your Life jacket on, right?

Liset: Oh my God, water is Splashing into the boat. We need to start Bailing right now!

Mark: Don’t be ridiculous. That’s just a little Sea spray. Sit down and relax.

Liset: Look out! There’s another boat over there!

Mark: It’s just passing by. We might feel its Wake, but we’re not going To capsizE. I promise you that.

Liset: How long do you think we can survive Adrift on the water?

Mark: We are not going to sink. I’m telling you.

Liset: I wonder how long we’ll be Marooned on an island. I hope to see my family again someday.

Mark: All right, we’re return to the Shore. It’s clear that you’re not enjoying this.

Liset: I didn’t know we’d be sailing in the middle of a Squall.

Mark: There’s a gentle Breeze today, that’s all. I’m sorry I didn’t wait for a completely Calm day to take you out on your first boat ride.

Liset: My first and last!

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