Значение идиомы run away with

[run away with] {v.} 1a. To take quickly and secretly, especiallywithout permission; steal.

A thief ran away with Grandma’s silverteapot.

Syn.: MAKE OFF. 1b. To go away with; elope.

Mary said thatif her parents wouldn’t let her marry Phil, she would run away withhim.

1c. To take hold of; seize.

The boys thought they saw a ghostin the old house last night; they let their imagination run away withthem.

Compare: GET THE BETTER OF. 2. To be much better or morenoticeable than others in; win easily.

Our team ran away with thegame in the last half.

The fat comedian ran away with the TVshow.


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Значение идиомы run away with