Значение идиомы polish the apple

[polish the apple] {v. phr.}, {slang} To try to make someone likeyou; to try to win favor by flattery.

Mary polished the apple atwork because she wanted a day off.

Susan is the teacher’s petbecause she always polishes the apple.

– [apple polisher] {n.},{slang} A person who is nice to the one in charge in order to be likedor treated better; a person who does favors for a superior.

Jane isan apple polisher. She is always helping the teacher and talking tohim.

Joe is an apple-polisher. He will do anything for the boss.

Compare: EAGER BEAVER, YES-MAN. – [apple polishing] {n.}, {slang}Trying to win someone’s good-will by small acts currying favor; thebehavior of an apple polisher.

When John I brought his teacherflowers, everyone thought he was apple polishing.

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Значение идиомы polish the apple