Present Continuous – Present Perfect” (с ответами)

1. Напишите следующие предложения в отрицательной форме.

It snows a lot in Russia. (В России выпадает много снега.) We eat in restaurants once a week. (Мы едим в ресторанах раз в неделю.) I have written a letter to a newspaper. (Я написал письмо в газету.) George visits film festivals every year. (Джордж ежегодно посещает кинофестивали.) We are enjoying the film. (Нам нравится фильм.) My uncle drives to the country at weekends. (Мой дядя ездит на выходные в деревню.) They have spent a fortune in Los Angeles! (Они потратили целое состояние в Лос-Анджелесе!) The temperature is rising fast. (Температура быстро растет.) Michael has already had his workshop for 15 years. (Майкл имеет свою мастерскую уже в течение 15 лет.) I am listening to a French song. (Я слушаю французскую песню.)

2. Задайте к следующим предложениям вопросы, начиная с предложенных в скобках вопросительных слов.

We have missed the train. (Why?) David has visited the Vatican many times. (How many times?) Birds build their nests on trees. (Where?) They have started some new projects recently. (What kind?) I’m sending a postcard to my aunt. (What?) Mark studies Physics. (Who?) The bus is coming in 10 minutes. (When?) We live in a very small flat. (Where?) The children are painting the garage. (What?) I have lost my wallet. (Where?)

3. Найдите предложения с неправильной формой глаголов и исправьте их.

She have never read Dostoevsky. (Она никогда не читала Достоевского.) I’m sorry I’m not understanding you. (Простите, я вас не понимаю.) Did you ever meet a famous person? (Ты когда-либо встречала знаменитость?) Hurry up, kids! I wait for you. (Поспешите, дети! Я вас жду.) How long has she had that new haircut? (Как долго у нее эта новая стрижка?) What sports are you liking? (Какой спорт вам нравится?) Lions don’t live in Europe. (Львы не обитают в Европе.) They speaks Spanish in Mexico. (В Мексике говорят по-испански.) The British are driving on the left. (Британцы ездят по левой стороне.) I never tried Thai food. (Я никогда не пробовал тайскую кухню.)



It doesn’t snow a lot in Russia. We don’t eat in restaurants once a week. I haven’t written a letter to a newspaper. George doesn’t visit film festivals every year. We aren’t enjoying the film. My uncle doesn’t drive to the country at weekends. They haven’t spent a fortune in Los Angeles! The temperature isn’t rising fast. Michael hasn’t already had his workshop for 15 years. I am not listening to a French song.


Why have you missed the train? (Почему ты не успел на поезд?) How many times has David visited the Vatican? (Сколько раз Дэвид побывал в Ватикане?) Where do birds build their nests? (Где птицы вьют свои гнезда?) What kind of projects have they started recently? (Какие проекты они недавно начали?) What are you sending to your aunt? (Что ты отправляешь своей тете?) Who studies Physics? (Кто изучает физику?) When is the bus coming? (Когда приезжает автобус?) Where do you live? (Где ты живешь?) What are the children painting? (Что красят дети?) Where have you lost your wallet? (Где ты потерял свой бумажник?)


She has never read Dostoevsky. I’m sorry I don’t understand you. Have you ever met a famous person? Hurry up, kids! I’m waiting for you. + What sports do you like? + They speak Spanish in Mexico. The British drive on the left. I have never tried Thai food.

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