Judging a Contest

Adelia: When I created this writing Contest, I had no idea that we would get so many Entries.

Omar: Good thing you have an Impartial panel of judges to help you select the winner.

Adelia: Yes, good thing. I’m really grateful to all of you for giving up your time to help.

Omar: What Criteria are we using to Score each of the entries?

Adelia: We’re using a 10-point Scale. Each of us will read an entry and give it a score. When we’re all done, we’ll Average out those scores. Hopefully, there’ll be a Clear winner.

Omar: And if not?

Adelia: If there isn’t, then we’ll take the top Scorers and Vote on which is best. Majority rules.

Omar: Okay, but are there reasons for Disqualifying an entry? For instance, what if somebody didn’t follow the entry Guidelines?

Adelia: I’ve already Culled the entries for the ones that don’t meet the requirements. These are all Eligible.

Omar: Okay, let’s get started. We’ve Got our work cut out for us.

Adelia: You’ve got that right.

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