Значение идиомы take in

[take in] {v.} 1. To include.

The country’s boundaries werechanged to fake in a piece of land beyond the river.

The class ofmammals takes in nearly all warm-blooded animals except the birds.

2.To go and see; visit.

The students decided to take in a movie whilethey were in town.

We planned to take in Niagara Palls andYellowstone Park on our trip.

3. To make smaller.

This waistbandis too big; it must be taken in about an inch.

They had to take insome sail to keep the ship from turning over in the storm.

4. Tograsp with the mind; understand.

He didn’t take in what he readbecause his mind was on something else.

He took in the situationat a glance.

5a. To deceive; cheat; fool.

The teacher was taken inby the boy’s innocent manner.

Compare: PUT OVER, ROPE IN. 5b. Toaccept without question; believe.

The magician did many tricks, andthe children took it all in.

6a. To receive; get.

The senior classheld a dance to make money and took in over a hundred dollars.

6b. Let come in; admit.

The farmer took in the lost travelers for thenight.

When her husband died, Mrs. Smith took in boarders.

7. Tosee or hear with interest; pay close attention to,

When Bill toldabout his adventures, the other boys took it all in.

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