Значение идиомы stand for

[stand for] {v.} 1. To be a sign of; make you think of; mean.

The letters “U. S. A.” stand for “United States of America.”

Thewritten sign “=” in an arithmetic problem stands for “equals.”

Ourflag stands for our country.

The owl stands for wisdom.

2. Tospeak in favor of something, or show that you support it.

The newPresident stood for honest government.

John always stands for whatis right.

3. {Chiefly British} To try to be elected for.

Three menfrom London are standing for parliament.

The governor did notstand for reelection.

4. {informal} To allow to happen or to be done;permit. – Usually used in the negative,

The teacher will not standfor fooling in the classroom.


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Значение идиомы stand for