Sights of the USA

Топик Достопримечательности США рассказывает, какие известные исторические памятники и места следует посмотреть в первую очередь туристам в Америке. Первый пункт – Вашингтон, с его красивыми парками и садами, музей НАСА, Капитолийский холм, Белый дом, Пенсильвания авеню, Мемориал Линкольна, памятник Вашингтону в Потомак парке. В Филадельфии стоит увидеть Национальный исторический парк, Колокол свободы, Музей искусств Филадельфии. В Нью-Йорке нужно увидеть Статую Свободы и Новый американский музей иммиграции у ее подножия, Оперный театр

Метрополитен, Мэдисон-сквер-гарден и Музей современного искусства. Интересен и Космический центр имени Линдона Джонсона возле Хьюстона в Техасе. И обязательный пункт программы – шикарные пляжи Флориды или Калифорнии на побережьях Атлантического и Тихого океанов.

One should start sightseeing in America from Washington. There are many beautiful parks and gardens in Washington. It is interesting to see the famous cherry trees, the gift from Japan. They were brought to America in 1912. The NASA museum is devoted to the USA achievements in the exploration of space. Capitol Hill is the highest place in the city. There is a law that forbids to build houses higher than the Capitol on Capitol Hill. From the Capitol to the White House Pennsylvania Avenue used for all processions and parades runs. The Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument are the most famous ones in Washington. The Washington Monument is one of the most impressive sights in the city. It is situated in Potomac Park. It was erected to the memory of the first president of the USA in 1888. It is called

“the Pencil” because it is one of the tallest stone constructions in the world and the tallest in the USA.

There are many sights in Philadelphia, for example, the National Historical Park. You can also see the Liberty Bell, which is a symbol of freedom. The sound of this Bell told the people about the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence in July 1776. You can also visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art – one of the greatest art museums of the world.

One should also visit New York, the city of skyscrapers with the Statue of Liberty. A new American Immigration Museum has been opened at the base of the statue. The Metropolitan Opera House, the Madison Square Garden, the Modern Arts Museum are popular among the tourists. One can also visit Lyndon B. Johnson Space Centre near Houston in Texas or go to Florida or California to enjoy the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean beaches. And I would like to see them all myself.

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Sights of the USA